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20.11.2013, 09:20
Die Hesse kommen!

20.11.2013, 10:37
Hello Jesus, welcome back, are you in Germany again ?

Greetz from the track announcer, you inspired some nice projects here !

20.11.2013, 11:29
12a ?! What times are you expecting ?
Nice to see a growing rotary scene in Germany! :D
I would love to enter s/c but i am still way too slow...


20.11.2013, 19:24
Nein Benni, ich bin noch nicht da. Ich wollte euch nur zeigen was mitkommt!

It is based on a 13B REW, bridgeport partial peripheral port, GT3576, running 22psi with water methanol injection, Holley 650 DP for around 500 HP, Manual Turbo II transmission.
Looking for low 10s high 9s

BTW Deucedaddy, we can help you change that!