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Easy rider
11.11.2005, 09:46
Hi Guys, have a look at my website,


Easy Rider

11.11.2005, 13:53
...sag uns noch bitte deine adresse - ich würd sie schon gerne sehen :rolleyes:

11.11.2005, 14:23
unter seinem Profil.... da is'n Hinweis auf www.dragbike.nl
Grüsse Kirsten

Easy rider
11.11.2005, 14:59
thanks 8o

www.dragbike.nl :rolleyes:

easy rider

Easy rider
01.12.2005, 21:42
engine development


Easy rider
07.04.2006, 11:25
Some News

At the end of April I go with Bud to Germany.

Luckau Test and Tune Weekend 28th april - 30th april 2006
time schedule
Friday 28.04.06 arrival from 12.00
Saturday 29.04.06 Test & Tune 10.00 until 21.00
Sunday 30.04.06 Test & Tune 9.00 until 14.00
Licentie runs and SFI - Saterday 10-16

I wil try to use this weekend to test the bike and hope to run the first 9 seconds run in my live.

08.04.2006, 01:24
Hey Dris,

I will be at Luckau too, so I hope to see you tzhere in the 9sec ...

Easy rider
09.04.2006, 12:34

Nice, cu there



Stefan Graff
09.04.2006, 13:40
Hi Dris,
I´ll try to be there, too- but no promisises, yet.
Good luck for the 9....! (What did you do to your engine, then?)
I´ll do my best in Modified Harley / Super Street Twin in 2006 with the bike remaining mainly unchanged. For the Street Twins, I hope for more competitors, but I see it is not easy while the Destroyers draw so much attention...


Easy rider
09.04.2006, 18:24
Oke, we will cu there ore not ?.

We did a lot to the engine but is still is a little bit of a secret.. we first wanne test and see if everything is oke.. so later more news about the engine.

Good luck with the big boys...