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Easy rider
11.11.2005, 16:45
He stefan, where were you the 5th november

You have to start faster in 2006


I try to ga faster after the start.. :P

Stefan Graff
12.11.2005, 01:32
Hi Dris,
on the Date of the award ceremony i was stuck with my Sponsors Hillbilly Motors and M-Tek on the Fighterama in Rheinberg, which was also FUN...
Faster::: Im not always sleeping at the tree... :D :D :D
And in Vandel I re-entered the 60 feet 1.4-bracket...
(Great pic.)
Greets to all Dutchmen!

Easy rider
13.11.2005, 08:46
oke, there are more pictures of you at www.dragbike.nl

we have a lot of work to do this winter for the 2006 season..

are you going to drive in drachten again in 2006