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Easy rider
27.08.2006, 11:29
Piet and I go again to Denmark to race by Mosten MC in Bode at Engvej 15 te ěrsted

Looks nice overthere.


The Bar ladies

The ladies for the trophees:

The barladies are topless I will not post foto's because you all know how that looks.

The class is max 1500 CC, no wheelybar, no slik, with licence plate HD only :dance1:

Easy rider
05.09.2006, 16:29
So we are back from Sweden.

I learned a lot this weekend besides about drinking beer and talking to Swedish an Danish fellow racers who build very fast Harley's

We arrived at Wednesday Nice sunny weather, registered on Thursday and driving on Friday and Saturday.. back on Sunday.

After finding out why the motor wouldn't start fast enough on the 60 feet after the first 3 runs and discussing with Bud about the changes we should make we decided to put the wheel in the front sleeves, and changed the rear sprocket from 46 to 48 teeth, The first run I was afraid for a wheelie and used too much slip on the clutch. The Second run was a long wheelie (this is the first one in 2 years with this bike AGAIN hiiihaaaaaaaa), then with 1 run left I used too much clutch slip and became 4th on a field of 11 persons. Piet became 3th. I was learning again how to use my clutch, we also changed the pressureplate into the the original one.. The feeling in the clutch was back. Then the weekend was over what a shame. I try to go to Sweden and drive in the MALMO Speedweek 13 -17 September to make more runs and use my clutch more.

The good thing is that the bike is fast. We drove on a 1/8 strip and I made some new records on the top speed wit a very bad 60 feet time.