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22.05.2007, 09:54
Garade auf der Kingracing site entdeckt:

Headline: Mantorp Park UEM

We are happy to bring you the news that the UEM European Dragbike Championship round at Mantorp Park, Sweden, is back on the schedule for this season.

Despite the issues that led to the announcement that the event could not go ahead we can confirm that the track owners, event organisers and the UEM Championship promoter have found a solution that enables the event to go ahead.

The Top Fuel Bike and Supertwin classes will be run over the 1/8th mile, whilst the ProStock Bikes will continue to run the full 1/4 mile distance.

Wird zwar nur die halbe Distanz gefahren aber immerhin.

MfG Marc

The lonesome Dragstripper
22.05.2007, 12:55

22.05.2007, 14:27
Headline: Mantorp Park press release

After many meetings and negotiating over the last couple of weeks, Mantorp Park has reconsidered and will run a round of the UEM European Drag Bike Championship in 2007 after all. The round will be run over 201 metres for Top Fuel Bike and for Super Twin Bike, and over 402 metres for Pro Stock Bike.

We believe we have underestimated the importance for many teams to be able to run and bring their sponsors to the event at Mantorp Park and are happy to announce the reinstatement of the Championship round in Sweden.

We would like to thank all involved parties for their patience and commitment in this matter and apologise for any inconvenience that these decisions may have caused riders and teams.

Now we are looking forward to an excellent Championship round of drag racing for both cars and motorcycles at VEIDEC Festival and Mantorp Park this summer, the 26th – 29th of July.

The entry form for the UEM bike classes will be published shortly on <a href="http://www.veidecfestival.com" target="_blank">www.veidecfestival.com[/url]

Kind regards
Fredrik Ström
Event Director for VEIDEC Festival