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02.08.2003, 17:03
Hallo Drag Racing Fans,

wie ich so eben von Aidan Heatley Smith der Sohn von Smax Smith, dass Andy Carter einen Unfall in Gardemoen (Norwegen) hatte. Deswegen wird er auch nicht in Hockenehim fahren könen leider- Eine schreckensmeldung den er war in der FIA - Liste 2. !
Und Andy carter hält in Top Fuel immer noch den Europa Rekord! Mehr weiss ich leider auch nicht, aber Hockenheim wird er vorraussichtlich nicht fahren können.
Wenn ich neue Infos habe schreieb ich sie heir rein.

Viele Grüße


02.08.2003, 19:44
Carter OK after Top End crash.
2nd August: UK Top Fuel Dragster racer Andy Carter is perfectly OK after a high-speed crash at the NDRG Drag Challenge at Gardermoen this afternoon. A tyre blew at a thousand feet during today's first qualifying session, rendering Andy a passenger in the four-second First National Telecom dragster which still recorded a 5.2 on the slide.

"The left rear tyre blew and that was it", said Andy on the phone to Eurodragster from Gardermoen. "The car didn't roll, it went up on its side then came back down and swung about the lane, and the rear axle came out. It's a real mess, the chassis is bent and there is plenty of other damage."

Andy got himself out of the car as soon as it stopped. "I had it under control - or as under control as you can be in a crash!", he said. "I was aware of everything which was going on. I pulled the chutes, shut off the fuel and hit the mag kill switch whilst the car was spinning around. There was a small fire but the safety crew were right there and sorted that out."
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As soon as Andy got back to the pits he checked the FIA rules and consulted FIA officials and having ascertained that he could race an alternative car went round the pits to make a deal to get back into competition. "Rune Fjeld only has Øyvor's Fueller at the track and of course he couldn't throw her out of the car!", he said. "Then I actually did a deal with Knut Söderquist to hire his red dragster. But then we looked at our engine and found that the crank is damaged because the engine over-revved in the crash. There is some valve damage and other stuff, so we are out for this weekend."

Andy says that he is now going to return to the UK and reflect for a couple of days about what to do for the best. "It was one of those things", he said. "You know that every time you get into one of these cars you are one closer to your big crash. At least I have had my Top Fuel crash now! It's a real downer because we're second in the Championship, what we do next will partly depend upon how Smax gets on this weekend. If he wins here then we will probably leave it for this season because it will be hard to catch up, but if he doesn't then it may well be worth coming back in time for Hockenheim. Of course there is a money issue as well. I've really got to go home and think about it for a few days."

Quelle : WWW.Eurodragster.com