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The lonesome Dragstripper
17.01.2008, 18:13
UK Outlaw Pro Street Bike mooted.
17th January: Stephen Moon has been in touch with a proposal for Outlaw Pro Street Bike, a new UK class similar to its US counterpart:

In recent years Outlaw Pro Street Bike has developed into one of the key motorcycle classes in the US, with highly competitive sixteen bike fields run at Rockingham Dragway and Maryland International Raceway. These impressive nitrous-oxide powered machines have a 75" wheelbase, a 7" slick and, importantly, no wheelie bars. With the top qualifiers in the class running 7.0s at close to 200 mph and a class record of 6.9 seconds, this is the world's premier class for stock appearance, no-bar bikes - the closest four-wheel equivalent being Pro Mod.

Last season saw the appearance of the first Outlaw Pro Street bikes in the UK, with the quickest running in the mid-sevens. Interest generated by this and the US series has resulted in several bikes now being prepared in workshops across the UK, signalling an opportunity to develop a new, crowd pleasing class.

2008 will see the first Outlaw Pro Street exhibition event to be run towards the end of the year, provisionally at Santa Pod, with a four or eight bike elimination. An impressive array of sponsors from both sides of the Atlantic has contributed to the prize and contingency funds. From the US, Fast by Gast and Schnitz Racing (supporters of the US series), together with Murdoch Racing Enterprises and Racepak, are pleased to add their support to the proposed event. From the UK, Roger Upperton Racing and Dave Beck Racing have donated prize monies and contingency monies, while Streetfighters magazine is to supply trophies for the event. Talks are underway with other sponsors, so expect this impressive list to extend. Subject to a successful, well-supported event the plan is to run a full championship series in 2009.

The basic rules of the class are simple: 75" wheelbase, 7" rear slick, no wheelie bars, stock-appearing bodywork and a single power adder - nitrous, turbo or supercharger. Details of the rules related to areas such as transmission, chassis etc can be obtained on request.

Outlaw is a crowd pleaser in the US and given the rising popularity of no-bar bike racing in the UK, this represents an opportunity to establish a new professional class. While Super Street Bike has flourished due to the advances in turbo technology, Outlaw Pro Street provides a platform for the nitrous bikes to shift the boundaries as well. The aim is to see the best nitrous and turbo bikes going head to head. I would like to hear from any riders interested in entering the exhibition event - we have several riders already, but obviously the greater the numbers, the greater the impact the new class will have. For more details call me on 07967 564301 or drop me an E-Mail.

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