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The lonesome Dragstripper
20.01.2008, 12:09

gerade bei eurodragster gefunden.

die briten haben auch das problem erkannt das zwischen der 9.50 bike klasse und den SSB ne zu große lücke herrscht. sie wollen eine weitere index klasse hinzufügen, anders wie bei und wo diese situation (mit nem etwas anderen hintergrund, aber ähnlichen zielen) mit einer E.T. Klasse in angriff genommen wurde.

Introducing 8.50 Bike.
19th January: As mentioned above, a new bike class with an index of 8.50 seconds is to be run on a trial basis in the UK this season. We asked Paul Watson of Eurodragster.com Home and News sponsor DynoSpeed Developments, who was one of the originators of the class, to tell us all about it:

Over the last year it has come more apparent that Super Street Bike is moving way forward in ETs, and that the SSBs are now bespoke bikes for that class costing in the region of thirty to forty thousand pounts. So with the demise of 10.50 Bike and the strength of 9.50 Bike there is now a big gap between the classes, and the introduction of an 8.50 class would be a great stepping stone for people who wish to move up. I came from 10.90 Bike class and have been fortunate to have run in Pro Stock Bike; I have also ridden and crewed for Super Street Bike and they are a world apart.
I also think that the idea of anything goes in an 8.50 class, e.g. slick, wheelie bars etc will bring in many bikes which have fallen between classes. In fact I have had a fantastic response from so many who said they would return to racing should this happen. It would also bring in many who run the Straightliner 8.80 class at present. I hope to be talking with both Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceways about having a few demonstration events this year, and maybe in 2009 we could have a Club Championship.

We at Dynospeed Developments will be building a Hayabusa for the class to show how you can do it on a budget, and there should be a step-by-step build-up feature in Streetfighter magazine.

I would like to thank both tracks for their support, and we look forward to seeing you all there. If anyone would like more details on this class please feel free to contact me at paul@dynospeed.co.uk.


25.01.2008, 23:27
E/T fahren die Briten bei der Straightliners Serie. Ist letztes Jahr wohl gut angekommen.