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07.06.2004, 19:52
The MPM Internationals is definetely a 3-day event.( July 9-11)
This means three days of racing.The entryfee for the MPM Internationals is E 135 in stead of E 100.(Non members E 160 in stead of E 125.).The services like ambulance, firefighters,volounteers, etc have to be payd an extra day. This topic was discussed in the membersmeeting last December.

For those who have already paid the MPM Internationals, have to make an extra deposit before july 1st, on the account of eXplosion. All members will recieve al letter about this topic.

Fortis Bank Nederland NV
IBAN: NL78 GEBA 0819 2008 91
In the name of AMSC Explosion, Ter Aar, The Netherlands