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29.06.2010, 23:52
Marie : Super-Gas


Christophe : Super-Comp


Patrick : SUPER-PRO ET



These are some french friends of me who want race at next Hockenheim in august.
- Where we can found the german rules ?
- Do you work with FIA Dragster too ?
- Do you have special specification in Germany ?
- We need special like coverlet for engine ?
- If yes, for Super-Gas too ?
- About super-pro ET : How and at which time we choose index ?
- Every time we run?
- At qualification ?
- We can broken index ?
- About christmass tree : the blue light.... Somebody can explain how it's happen in Germany ? Same like USA ?

Thanks for answer...

30.06.2010, 00:45
hell memez,

would be great to see all of you back in hockenheim. but you gotta hurry, end of july all entries must be finished.

you can find more info here:


scroll down to find a pdf in english.

30.06.2010, 01:18
....and some more questions.....:D
Hi Memez,
I am no official, just the track announcer, but I know one or two answers :

The german rules can be found -in german only- in the "Download" section of the www.d-r-o.de page.

What do you mean with "coverlet for the engine" ?
If you mean a "anti-oildown" diaper, this is mandatory in various sportsman classes, look in the rules.

In the ET classes, you may choose your index before every qualification run,
and before every elimination run.
Your index time must be displayed on the car (left side)
or displayed on a sign-board that is shown to the line-up crew right before entering the burnout zone.
There is no breakout, if you run faster than your index in quali, the run is invalid,
if you run faster in race, you are out (except when your opponent has an even bigger breakout).

The blue light indicates the "sure start" system in Super classes,
which means that both drivers have to be in "Pre-Stage" before one driver moves forward into "Stage".
Deep staging is also not allowed in Super classes with "sure start".

What do you mean if we "work with FIA" ?

Greetings from Germany,

30.06.2010, 10:59

direct link to the German rules:

Supergas and faster need a SFI 7.1 or 7.2 diaper

Specials of the German rules:
SuperPro and Pro ET: no "delayboxes" or "electronic start devices" are allowed. No usage and installtion of any throttlestop.

Tech inspection:
Check for valid SFI stickers: belt / cage / flexplate / transmission etc.
The detailed list of SFI validation can be found in German only:
Part IV - "Generelle Technische Bestimmungen für
Fahrzeuge und Fahrer" on page 26

Please check also: Engine dont´t have to start in 1st, 2nd etc. and reverse, and the killswitch has to be installed visible.

If you need more detailed informations you can send me PM or via phone (PM first)

cu in Hockenheim


30.06.2010, 18:44
Thanks for answer ! :thumb:

Original von Benni

What do you mean if we "work with FIA" ?

Greetings from Germany,

I mean this :

It's European FIA Dragster rules that we use in France.
Because my problème is read german : das ich weiss nicht ! :gruebel:
Ich weiss nur ungefere sprechen...

Other question :

Memez-stang / Super-Street

I run on class super-street with my 100% street mustang / full interior / All FIA / SFI .
I need few of nitrous (lachgaz) to go at 10.90.
I had listen that nitrous is verbinden in some class at Hockenheim...
Right ? Wrong ?

30.06.2010, 19:08
Hi Memez,

Nitros Oxide was forbidden in "Publice Race - Class" but this class did not start this year in Hockenheim.

At the Moment we have "only" Pro ET for cars running 10.90.
NOS is allowed in Pro ET.