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The lonesome Dragstripper
05.08.2012, 14:43
Falls es jemand noch nicht gesehen hat... etwas nach unten scrollen, rechts der Link zum Bericht...



07.08.2012, 17:38
Nice Report.

One Remark: Marc van den Boer's supercharged Harley is not a supertwin topgasser.
He build the bike to run on methanol and to compete in the (edrs) funnybike class.


The lonesome Dragstripper
08.08.2012, 00:50
Thanks Piet, so i got that wrong...


08.08.2012, 01:46
Well, he used his "Tommy Karlsson" engine in Supertwin Topgas since 2007, but wanted to step up in 2011.
So he build a new frame in the winter of 2010-2011, with a big supercharger added.
Last year he got some help off TMFC-driver Danny Bellio on the methanol fuel system and went testing in Bechyne, Cz.
Then Marc raced the Harley against funnybikes in the "Open Drag" class at Mosten race day in Denmark and managed to qualify with the top five, selected for the shootout on day two.

This year he planned to run the whole EDRS funnybike serie. So watch out for him in Hockenheim, he's with 13 funny bikes in a battle for an 8 field.
He's got it running 8.3's now, but probably will go faster with his new Puma cranck shaft, that will go in the engine next winter.

The lonesome Dragstripper
08.08.2012, 11:59
Thanks for this inside information, well apreciated... see you in Hockenheim, Markus